Hi, we are CyberBytes Inc.

We are an online marketing agency located in Buffalo, NY that offers optimized web solutions, specializing in custom website design, SEO/SEM, and content management. Every site we produce is built with responsive design and mobile-first development.

Our mission is to help businesses grow by improving their brand identity and presence through online engagement. Our vision is to improve the overall user-experience across the web.

Background Information


CyberBytes Inc. Was Born

We opened up our doors with a mission to help emerging businesses take control of their brand identity and online presence allowing for consistent growth.

June 30, 2010

Our Strategy

Our main focus is to help improve your online engagement by developing a unique brand identity for your company.

We accomplish this by building you a truly custom and unique website using only the latest technologies, including Responsive Design and Mobile-First Development. Your website should be unique to your brand, not just another cookie cutter website that many of our competitors create.

We analyze the competition in both their website and advertising efforts to help us determine how we can better position you in the industry. We want you to be overjoyed by your new website, not because it is just visually pleasing, but because it is actually bringing you more business.


Unique Value Proposition

We want to help move your company to the digital age of advertising. Ask yourself this - "Am I still advertising through the phonebook, direct mail, outdoor media, or on the radio?" If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you can utilize our services. Set up an appointment with us today and we can help you develop an advertising strategy to grow your business in a smarter way.


The Problem With Traditional Media

It isn't that these older types of advertising are dead by any means, they are just not worth the price that they were five years ago. Less and less people are responding to traditional media and with more than 30% of all Internet traffic now coming from mobile devices, it is apparent where people are paying attention.

Still not convinced? Check out this excellent speech by Gary Vaynerchuk who discusses marketing in the year you live in.

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SEO In The Industry

Search Engine Optimization is a term that is thrown around like crazy on the Internet. Everyone claims that they know exactly what it takes to become #1 in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The truth of the matter is that no one knows exactly what to do to achieve this. Sites that claim they will get you the #1 ranking spot on major search engines often use blackhat techniques that will in-fact give immediate results though they will also cause irreversible consequences.

Search engines are able to quickly find those using these blackhat methods and they will remove you entirely from their search engine. A mistake that is extremely difficult to reverse and your site will forever be viewed differently by search engines.


How We Handle SEO

SEO is something that takes time and is earned through a methodical process. If done right the first time, it will pay off and continue to in the long-term for your business.

We place a large importance on mobile-first development by making sure your site is easily accessible on all mobile platforms instead of just focusing on desktop performance. We make sure that every page is optimized to perform and loads quickly for the end-user.

Search engines place a great importance on page speed when it comes to your ranking position and that is something that we are excellent at doing. Google has also confirmed that responsive sites are favored in search results and that is just one more reason why we love responsive design.


Your First Project With Us Begins

We would love the opportunity to sit down and discuss with you how we can help your business. Feel free to give us a call at (716) 876-1824 or fill out the contact form and we can set up a time to meet at our office or yours! We are located at 1589 Sheridan Drive, Buffalo, NY 14217

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Hi, I'm Alex

Alex Bass More Information

Co-Founder - Designer/Developer

How I Got Started

Alex Bass Alex Bass Designer/Developer

Growing up, I spent most of my free time skateboarding and making video games with an RPG Maker. They were my two favorite hobbies and I dreamt of one day making a career out of one of them. As time went on, my passion for video game design grew, and I knew which career path I wanted to take.

There was one little problem though: I hated having to come up with a storyline for games. They needed components like complex stories, unexpected plot twists, and remarkable endings. I realized it wasn't actually the video game's story I was so passionate about, rather, it was the design that went into it; the complexity and problem-solving that went on behind the scenes to make the idea of a game come to fruition. The end-user loves seeing the finished product; I love seeing the work that goes into it.

Web design and app development provided with a better outlet to do what I wanted. There's no storyline; no plot twist; no remarkable ending to be made. There's just the design, detail, and problem-solving that goes into it. I quickly fell in love with the art of web design and app development, and they've become my passion. Now, instead of spending my time creating storylines, I spend it staying up-to-date on the ever-changing trends on the web. And not because I should, but simply because I enjoy doing it.

I've heard that when you can't tell the difference between your work and hobby, you know you've made a good career choice. And as far as I'm concerned, I couldn't have made a better one.

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Hi, I'm Brian

Brian Marek More Information

Co-Founder - Business Management

How I Got Started

Brian Marek Brian Marek Business Management

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